Our Training Courses are approved by the ND Peace Officer Standards and Training Board for continuing education hours for all licensed or eligible ND Peace Officers, this includes the LE specific classes below as well as the classes listed here 





















Active Shooter/Terror Response:

3 Day or 4 Day / Contact us for pricing

This intense course includes Critical Incident Response, Small Unit Tactics, Room Clearing, intense Force-on-Force Scenario Training and more. Please contact us for more information and even video of previous classes.

















Tactical Patrol Skill Builder:

3 Day / Contact us for pricing

This course was designed to build Tactical Skills for Patrol Officers to better and safer respond to critical or violent incidents. It will take students through classroom, force-on-force scenario and live fire exercises including topics like tactical medicine, casualty rescue, 2-Man tactics and advanced firearm skills.


















Health and Wellness for Law Enforcement:

1 Day or 8 hours / Contact us for pricing

This course was designed and is taught by a full time Law Enforcement Officer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management with Minors in Health and Coaching and experience as a professional personal trainer. The class is designed to give Officers/Employees a basic understanding of exercising and nutrition and the science behind it. The goal is to create healthy and athletic individuals that will not just be able to perform better at work, but also will do so safer and for a longer healthier career.










K9 Tactical Integration/Skill Builder Course:

4.5 day or 45 hours / Contact us for pricing

This intense course is designed to provide K9 Teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to become integrated in tactical team activities and to build the skills necessary in both the handler and K9 to become more tactically efficient on their own. It includes new socialization and training methods which will benefit handlers and trainers from all fields, not just SWAT K9 Teams.











K9 Bitework/Aggression Assessment/Workshop:

1 day or 10 hours / Contact us for pricing

This course focuses on your specific dog and begins with a behavioral analysis of the student-dogs by an experienced and formally educated K9 Decoy/Instructor, which is followed by training specific to your dog to overcome deficiencies or issues.












LE Special Operations BREACHER Course:

3 day or 30 hours / Contact us for pricing

This course was designed to ready to students to fill the role of a fully operational Breacher on an LE Special Operations Team. It includes Mechanical, Power Tool, Thermal, Ballistic and Hydraulic Breaching as well as Armored Vehicle Breaching and Mindset, Gear Considerations, Target Scouting/Assessment and Planning.
















Basic SWAT Sniper/Observer Course:

5 day or 60 hours / $550

This intensive course is taught by a former Special Forces Sniper Instructor and was designed to ready the students to begin their new role as a Sniper/Observer on an LE Special Operations Team. It includes marksmanship fundamentals, equipment selection/set-up, history, ballistics, deployment responsibilities, positional shooting, hide building, range finding, basic camouflage/stalking, observational skills/intel gathering, field scenario exercises, Sniper related incident debriefs and more.











Advanced SWAT Sniper/Observer Course:

5 day or 50 hours / Contact us for pricing

This course is taught by a former Special Forces Sniper and was designed to build upon the basic course. It includes advanced hide building (urban/rural), stalking, moving targets, observation techniques, long distance precision shooting, barricade penetration (plate glass, auto glass, siding, dry-wall, etc.) and much more.








Tactical Medic (medical provider):

3 days or 30 hours / Contact us for pricing

This course is taught by a former Special Forces Medic and civilian Paramedic Instructor and was designed for Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters and EMS Providers assigned to Law Enforcement Special Operations Teams who will be acting as a Tactical Medic for their Team or who will be involved in Active Shooter Response. The course based on the Medical Provider Level TCCC course contents and principles, but also includes a science update, a heavy focus on hands-on training and scenario based exercises as well as real tissue labs.