We live in a world with an ever increasing threat of criminal violence and terrorism, and some elements of our society aim to benefit from these issues. There is an abundance of “professional” firearms and tactical trainers out there that received their own training online and from YouTube videos and have zero operational experience. These guys would be happy to take your money and give you questionable training at best. We are not those guys.

Our instructors are experienced Military Veterans and current fulltime Law Enforcement Officers and Certified Instructors that have real world experience, including having been through real world gunfights, active shooter response and other high threat critical incidents

Our formal training includes small arms, emergency/evasion driving, small unit tactics, low-light/no-light engagements, close quarter battle, tubular assault, active shooter response, aerial platform (helicopter) assault and rappelling, land navigation, basic survival and escape, scuba diving, tactical medicine, breaching, hand-to-hand combat, less-lethal options, SWAT, edged weapon fighting/defense, warrior mindset and armorer training.


Class Registration

Please contact us to register for a class or to set-up or request a class. We travel to different ranges and will work with you and your range to bring our training where it is needed.

We require pre-registration for all classes, which includes a 50% down payment for tuition/range-fees.

Please contact us for more information and about our Law Enforcement and Military Discount, which includes Veterans and retired LE.

Please see some of our previous students’ testimonials below:


“Experienced instructors and essential curriculum. Regardless of your own training and experience, you will learn new skills, and be challenged to improve what you already know. Well worth the price of admission.”

– Canadian Army Veteran


“One of the best courses I have gone to”

– former SWAT Operator and current full time Law Enforcement Officer


I was in the civilian intermediate pistol course. These guys are excellent instructors. Very prepared and very professional. They cover everything in detail and make sure everyone is on the same page before diving right in. I learned a lot and look forward to attending more classes in the future. Thanks guys.”

– US Army Veteran/Tactical Firearms Store Owner


“Absolutely worth the money. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have a great blend of conveying that knowledge and keeping it fun with humor and a bit of competition. If you carry concealed then you WILL benefit from taking this class.”

– Current US Army National Guard Soldier


“Some of the best training I have been to.”

– experienced SWAT Operator from the largest SWAT Team in the State