“Thanks guys that was truly a fun and challenging match. Looking forward to next year.” – Jim (experienced IDPA Shooter/retired LEO)

“Thank you for having us! It was an awesome experience all around and it couldn’t have been done any better than the way you guys set it up!” – James (US Military Combat Arms Instructor)


Annual Police Week Memorial Shoot

Our Memorial Shoot is held on a yearly basis during Police Memorial Week to commemorate the Law Enforcement Officers that have given their lives in the service of others.

The proceeds are donated directly to the families of fallen Officers.

The shoot is held in an IDPA-like fashion and includes multiple stages for duty pistols, carbines and other Law Enforcement issued weapons.

Each stage is designed with practical Law Enforcement scenarios in mind and the competition is set up to be fun and attainable for all levels of shooters.

Please check out the links below for information, pictures and videos for each year.